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A household name in Gouda since 1868

Located on the historic square in the centre of Gouda overlooking the town hall

Recognisable dishes with high quality

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Het Groene Hart

Eating out in Gouda

The ‘Groene Hart’ is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. Gouda is an important place in terms of history and the central location inside of the ‘Groene Hart’. Among other things, the cheese market is a much-visited event that attracts many day-trippers from the Netherlands and also other countries. In addition, the many cultural attractions are really something to visit Gouda for.


Since 1868

Who we are

Restaurant Belvedère is one of the oldest restaurants in Gouda and has existed for over 150 years. Since 1868, we have been located on the wonderful old market square in the centre of Gouda. As a Gouda restaurant, we try to collaborate a lot with other local entrepreneurs and suppliers. This gives the great advantage of working with local products and giving our dishes their own character. It is also fresher and better for the environment.

About us