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Savings card Belvedère

Our regular guests are the foundation of our restaurant and to reward their loyalty, we have a savings card since 2014 where you can gather points. For every euro you spend, you gain one point. You can trade these points for a free cup of coffee, Dutch 'bitterballen’ with some wine or a beer, lunch or a dinner worth 50 euros. Even when you do not visit weekly, our savings card is definitely worth the effort! Apply for your savings card in our restaurant and start saving up as early as tomorrow.

Gift card Belvedère

Additionally, as well as the punch card we offer a gift card since 2016. It is always a nice gift to receive and also a great gift to give away. You can place a minimum of 20 euros on the card. The great thing about this gift card is that it does not have to be spent in one visit, but it can be spent over multiple visits. It is an ideal gift for a family member who always orders a coffee. You can surprise them with a gift card they can spend on 10 cups of coffee.


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