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About us

As a local restaurant in the centre of Gouda, we try to support many other local business owners. This gives us a big advantage, such as working with local products and bringing that unique character to our dishes. Furthermore, it is much better for the environment and much fresher. Below we like to introduce some of the best known local partners:

Gouds Kaashuis

As a cheese lover, it is a pleasure to visit the ‘Gouds Kaashuis’. You probably have never seen this many different cheeses in one place. Maurice and Sandra have owned this business for a couple of years and have turned it into a beautiful cheese eye-catcher. There is not one tourist who can walk past this place without taking a picture or trying a sample. Since last year, we are honoured to be able to offer their cheese on our own menu. As a matter of fact, our traditional cheese fondue also comes from Maurice and Sandra and is a highly recommended dish to come and try!

Femke and Sander Pattisiers

A very charismatic couple from nearby Reeuwijk that have turned their hobby into their profession. From special birthday cakes to wedding cakes, nothing is impossible for them. A few years ago, they walked into our restaurant with a burning question. They wanted to know if we would be open to try their homemade apple pie made of ‘groene hart’ apples. After the first bite, we were sold and since then their pastry is a part of our restaurant and our pastry display tray. Since then, a lot of other pies have been added to our menu, so feel free to try them out!

Goudse Gidsen Gilde

We have been working together with the ‘Goudse Gidsen Gilde’ for multiple years. They offer many fun walks and organise events to view the sights in Gouda. Do you want to learn more about Gouda and their hidden gems? View their website for a pleasant tour through Gouda.